Summer Zones Needs Volunteers

GREETINGS North Texas Masters.

Isn't it nice to have the Summer Zone Championships right in our own back yard? If you have not yet signed up, I encourage you to do so - entries are open until Friday July 11.

PLUS: Relays - Relays -- Relays! The most fun part of a meet!

And just a heads up, we need the relay cards in before the start of the second session each day (after the early morning distance events).

We also need volunteer timers. We basically need about 18 each session - with two on a lane and then some backup timers and helpers. The sign up link below allows for someone to sign up for the whole day, or just the morning or afternoon session.

Remember - volunteers get free FOOD and DRINK - and our first 30 to sign up receive a FREE North Texas Masters logo cap (either silicon or latex).

Let's try this for a start:

Team Assignment
(and all other North Texas teams not listed below)
Lanes 1-4
ALL Sessions
PCAT Lanes 5-6
ALL Sessions
IMSC Lane 7
ALL Sessions plus 1 back up timer
FAST, MOST (local people)
and all other Mid Cities and Ft Worth teams
Lane 8
plus 1 back up timer

Laurie Dunlap, our NT Sanctions Chair, has made it easy for you to volunteer. Just click the image below and you will be taken to SignUpGenius site where you can set your schedule.

Lynn Morrison
Chairman NT Masters

Free Online Sign Up Sheets